June 11, 2011

Meet our Elle!

Hey everyone -
Hope you're all having a great weekend. Aaron and I have been super busy dreaming and discussing some new areas to explore with our photography and giant peach... More to come on that someday soon.

We wanted to share some pictures of the sweetest, most adorable little cat, Elle. We adopted her about a year and a half ago from a kitten shelter near us in Cleveland. Born outdoors, Elle and her littermates were attacked by someone with a bb gun and as a result, Elle lost her one eye. One of her brothers was shot in the heart but the shelter was able to save him. Unfortunately, the mother died. As soon as Aaron and I met this kitten, we were absolutely positively in love. She has such spirit and one of the craziest streaks I've ever met in a cat! She's super talkative, super brave (about most things), and a big sucker for ear rubs. Aaron shot a great series of some of her many expressions:
We have another cat, Kaia, and we'll have to post some pictures of her soon :)

We'll leave you with some new prints available on our etsy shop. Clicking on the image will take you to our store... Have a great one!
Nicole and Aron

Dream of the Sea

Barefoot Ballerina

May 29, 2011

A sale, some new florals, and a new feature...

Hey all ~
A lot of things are happening in our shop right now that we're pretty excited about. First and foremost, we are having a sale from now until the end of June with 30% off any purchase. Next, we just listed two new florals that were taken last weekend on a hike at Furnace Run. It was a beautiful hike but we could hear the cars from the highway through most of it... one of the drawbacks to the Cleveland metroparks unfortunately.

A Sort of Fairytale

A Soft Dream
And last but not least, we've added a new feature to all of our print listings on our etsy site. Shoppers can now see a framed and matted composite of each print and how it would look hanging. We love it and really wish we had done something like this much sooner. It really helps to elevate the look and appeal of our work.
Have a great weekend and memorial day ~
Nicole and Aaron :)

April 22, 2011

To Denver and back again

We recently went on a trip to Colorado, and got to explore Denver, and some of Boulder, Idaho Springs, and Colorado Springs. This animation is Nicole walking down a trail high in the mountains of boulder, and encountering some local wild life (found at the local museum!)  :)
Check back in the next few days, we'll be posting some of our new landscapes that we took in Colorado...
Have a great day!
Aaron and Nicole ~

January 30, 2011

Before and Afters, New Botanicals

Hi all, it's Sunday and the weekend will be rapidly drawing to a close. So depressing...

Aaron and I were hermits yesterday, barely pulling ourselves away from our computers. We created a new series of botanical prints that we are just so in love with right now. They have a very old world, early explorer type feel to them.

We wanted to share these new designs with you as well as show you some of the originals. A lot of processing went into these and the new mood they're given due to the use of textures and abstract color is really cool.  Hope you enjoy!

All six prints are available in a variety of sizes in our shop!

Blue, before
Green, before
Peach, before
Peach, after

January 27, 2011

Welcome and Macro Botanicals

Hi there and welcome to the first post!
Aaron and I went to the Museum of Natural History over the past weekend here in Cleveland and we had so much fun! The exhibits were absolutely wonderful and charming. We especially flipped over the lower level where their Ohio bird and plant collection was hidden. We ended up with a full memory card and a dead battery before we were ready to leave, so all the more reason to go again soon :)

We've processed out a few of our macro botanicals and couldn't be more happy with them. They feel so giant, sun drenched, and abstract. 

Macro Botanical Study, Red Leaf 1

Macro Botanical Study, Sunlit Branch

Macro Botanical Study, Sunlit Pods

The red branches were featured in a really lovely treasury already, curated by hunterandmoon.  So please give it some love!

Have a great one!
Nicole & Aaron